Sabino Aguad is a chilean journalist and photographer with more than nine years of experience. He was the photographer for a chilean magazine where he published in more than 150 issues and has worked for book publications, advertising, and photographic campaigns. He likes natural light and recreating it in the studio.

In Hands Studio, Sabino is the photographer. He makes natural light lifestyle pictures as well as studio photography. He can also do videos and stop motions. He is also in charge of the post-production (Lightroom, Photoshop and Premiere).

Our name HANDS is the combination of our initials, Henriette and Sabino.

We are a creative photographic duo based in Paris. 

Henriette De Visscher is from Belgium, grew up in Paris and lived for seven years in Santiago. She worked as a producer for television and magazine. She does set design, art direction and production. She likes simple things, beautiful products and good food.

In Hands Studio, Henriette is in charge of communication and production. She manages the relations with each client and she also does the art direction, the set design during the shootings.

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